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Bekov Group has its roots planted very back in 2004, when company started on basic consulting and helping companies get their ideas and brand represented on the world wide web. Company grew and became full-scale service provider in different fields to satisfy the customer.

Logistics and transportation became part of the companies main aspect. Bekov Group has expertise to develop the special relationships necessary to ensure the flawless execution of service offered, based on our experience.



Ocean Freight

Having an in-depth knowledge of specific car export laws and regulations BEKOV Group team is dedicated to smooth and efficient export process that meets all the needs and expectations of the clients.

We wish to secure a seamless shipping process of your goods.

Air Freight

Our dedicated air freight team, equipped with the latest software, will secure regular commercial shipments and large scale forwarding projects through our extensive global network. We offer airfreight solutions that can meet various shipping time and strictest cargo handling requirements.


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Ocean Freight

Air Freight


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